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Cognos Connection

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1 DPR-ERR-2022 No response generatedSaravanan Vajjiravel 944
2 Unable to start COGNOS service. The socket name is already in use: 9300?Saravanan Vajjiravel 751
3 BMT-MDC-0001 Unable to publishSaravanan Vajjiravel 1108
4 UDA-SQL-0432 Unable to locate the gatewaySaravanan Vajjiravel 1536
5 QE-DEF-0068 Unable to connect to at least one database during a multi-database attach to 1 database(s) in:Saravanan Vajjiravel 3706
6 CAM-CRP-1085 error when saving cognos configuration, or attempting to start CognosSaravanan Vajjiravel 652
7 Unable to open Cognos Configuration after a Java change on the Cognos ServerSaravanan Vajjiravel 550
8 Unable to access service at URL when connecting to Cognos Connection on server from FMSaravanan Vajjiravel 1482
9 CAM-CRP-1330 An error occurred while attempting to add a certificate to the Content StoreSaravanan Vajjiravel 636
10 Unable to connect to directory server/LDAP: CAM-AAA-0146 CAM-AAA-0026 CAM-AAA-0064 CAM-AAA-0056Saravanan Vajjiravel 2121
11 ERROR [main] org.apache.commons.digester.Digester - Parse Fatal Error at line 1 column 1Saravanan Vajjiravel 526
12 DPR-ERR-2079 Firewall Security Rejection. Your request was rejected by the security firewallSaravanan Vajjiravel 1115
13 CAM-AAA-0046 Unable to retrieve the full DN for the user . Users fail to logon to Cognos Connection.Saravanan Vajjiravel 1270
14 Unable to open a modified,saved, migrated report : The authored report has no specificationSaravanan Vajjiravel 484
15 Scheduled reports fail: CNC-SDS-0413 There was a problem in executing the task (renew User Credentials)Saravanan Vajjiravel 494
16 CFG-ERR-0106 Cognos Configuration did not receive a response from the Cognos 8 serviceSaravanan Vajjiravel 1381
17 Intermittent Login Authentication Failure with LDAP ServerSaravanan Vajjiravel 1089
18 DPR-ERR-2014 Unable to load balance the request because no nodes in the cluster are availableSaravanan Vajjiravel 3023
19 CFG-ERR-0103 Unable to start Cognos service. Execution of the external process returns an error code valueSaravanan Vajjiravel 2497
20 DPR-ERR-2107-The User Capabilities Cache cookie cannot be decoded Saravanan Vajjiravel 2841
21 504 - Gateway Timeout Error While Opening Report Studio Report Saravanan Vajjiravel 1395
22 XQE-DS-0006: Unable to logon to the data source. ORA-01882: timezone region not found Saravanan Vajjiravel 6498
23 DPR-DPR-1026 Unable to register the dispatcher in Content ManagerSaravanan Vajjiravel 1345
24 Cannot access administration console: error message CPS-COM-4408 Saravanan Vajjiravel 111