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WHY OneTouchBI.COM? has been emerged from the ground to bridge the BI technological solution platform wherever it lacks providing technical solutions with proven testimonials that exist in the BI Internet World. M...

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Saravanan Vajjiravel holds an Engineering degree (B.E. in Computer Science) from University of Madras and PG degree (M.Tech in Computer Science) from MIT-Manipal Institute of Technology. Have...

Knowledge Contribution is keen to grow its BI knowledgebase from the base to the larger extent with the support of any kind of developers thus if anyone interested to step forward to contribute ones esteemed knowled

Membership is interested in tracking and building the BI Associates' movements with this website like how many BI Associates are accessing the secured BI Knowledgebase contents at the same time, how many


Welcome to OneTouchBI

OneTouchBI arouse with the strong and focused intention to enable confidence among each Cognos Developers for relying on the complicated solutions with the step-by-step proven testimonials from the expert team. In the fast emerging world, information that you are intended to use for the quicker implementation is not easy because of the complications like finding right keyword to use in the Google Search, solutions with no proven testimonials and unanswered questions etc., are really leading to create high dependency at the crisis time.

On this serious note, OneTouchBI has jumped into global internet platform with the working senior technical team on board to share their extensive knowledge on their day to day work and other miscellaneous knowledges that benefits millions of BI associates across the globe.


Latest Inclusions
Added a new menu "Tech KB". It achieves all Project Tracker documents and exclusive AcuteBI Knowledge Base documents.

Added new articles for Big Data like Installation Guide, Hive/Sqoop/Oozie Developer Guides, etc.

Added a new article in Cognos BI > Cognos Admin > Cognos Connections --> "Cognos Portal Page Creation & Administration"
  --Vidya Giriyammanavar

Added new issues and resolutions into FEI page for Cognos Connection and Dispatchers.

Added new article "Configure SSL for IIS 6.0" @ Cognos BI > Technical Reference > Technical Reference Guide

Added new article "Adding custom font to IBM Cognos Report Authors" @ Cognos BI > Cognos Admin > Install and Configure Guide.

Added new article - IBM Cognos Analytics (version 11) - Developer User Guide @ Cognos BI > Cognos Analytics

Launched YouTube Channel - OneTouchBI Request you all to subscribe the channel and access the knowledge in Video format.

Sir, your website is designed very well , looking for more day to day knowledge from your end ! creative ideas..

Just had a chance to visit your youtube channel for one of the Cognos related video, which leads me to visit your website. Great work. "Nandri" Looking forward to connect with you soon.

The website is really good for Cognos BI developers.All the solutions and concepts are properly documented.
  --Abhishek Rana

The content of the website is really helpful and structured well. Useful for all Cognos developers/admins as most of the real time issues have got solutions here. Great effort to put everything at one place , keep updating the website.
  --Vidya Giriyammanavar

Knowledgebase is well articulated along with screenshot which makes easy to follow and proceed.
  --Ramya, India

Your site is awesome.
  --Ajay Kumar

Very nice website and its really helpfull to all the DW group.
  --Vunnam MallikarjunaRao

It's really great learning website which not only help the novice folks also experience Cognos practitioner also beneficial for such kind of Cognos learning portal
  --Arup Debburman

The site is very helpful. All the content thoroughly researched and documented so that anyone can implement the solution quickly. Lot of thought has been put into organizing the content. Really appreciate that. Looking forward to more and more additions to the content.
  --Matru Acharya

Very nice website you have done.
  --Manoj Rodrigues (Managing Director, RCN Tech)

Nice Website with good collection of content.
  --Jothi Ranganathan (Project Manager, HP, Bengaluru)

I think this is the very first site for Cognos giving the real time problem that most of the users are facing in the end-user environment. Keep up the good effort.. would like to see more solutions in future.
  --Rajagopal Senthil Kumar (Covidien, Singapore)

Good to see the site put up by you. I have seen all the sections hence the structure of the site and different sections are well structured. Wish you all the best and again congratulations for putting together wonderful site.
  --Ketan Gandhi (Ibexi Solutions, Mumbai)

This website is a kind of COGNOS learning pool with sufficient BI repository and practically tested COGNOS tips & tricks which indeed be worth for beginners and intermediate BI reporting guys.
  --Mohammad Alkoni (Accenture India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru)

Well done. It is a very useful knowledge base on Cognos. Keep up the good work.
  --Badri Santhanam (Business Analyst, UK)

Very Useful information . Please keep on updating with latest information.
  --Mahesh Dani

My name is Bhavin Shah. I have been working on Cognos for few years now. I was actually googling some of the Cognos stuff on internet and I came across your website and I found it really useful.
  --Bhavin Shah

This website is very good and knowledge base is very useful.
  --Saritha Kodthuguli (Reporting Analyst, New Zealand)

This website is really very good and useful for beginners, intermediate and I can say expert guys who are in BI. Specially I like the Tips and tricks and knowledge Base part...because when we got hanged up with any error and while Googling; we can get the solution here. I think this is the best site for Cognos to extract the solutions for the real time problems that we frequently encounter.
  --Revati Vadali (Bangalore, India)

Site is great and provides solution for most of the issues faced on daily basis. I feel more documents can be added which will make this site a solution provider to all cognos developers.
  --Rajesh Somalingam (India)

Thanks to AcuteBI for having good collection of knowledge repository; very detailed step by step documentations; proven and convincing solutions for all frequently encountered COGNOS issues.
  --Sandip Mondal (Bengaluru, India)

This is a really good repository of solutions for a number of real-time Cognos issues. The content is well organized which makes this website really handy whenever I have to troubleshoot on issues reported by clients. Good job !!!
  --Prabhanjan HN (Bengaluru, India)

I am a BI developer with 7+ years experience in Informatica and MicroStrategy and I have been looking around on the web for some good information to get me started on Cognos." Your website is very useful and informative. Thanks!!! You should also look into providing live online training on Cognos for beginners/advanced.
  --Saif Nawaz (India)

I appreciate the idea of sharing your experience on Cognos. This website is very useful for everyone, beginners to experts in Cognos. The content and the diversity of it is very organized. Good work...! and keep posting all the useful stuff.
  --Vaman Joshi (Bengaluru, India)

Your website is very resourceful and neatly organized.
  --Vinay Ramini (Las Vegas, Nevada)

I feel really lucky to find your site. Awesome work by you; much appreciated. Please do post more and more documents much helpful. Thanks.
  --Vivek Raja (Bengaluru, India)

Saravanan, This website did a whole lot to me. I am a new bie with no idea about this product. I got all the info required to get started and push myself to successfully start the learning process. Keep up the good work. Kudos to you.
  --Abdul Rahim Mohammad (India)

Nice to see all the real time issues at one place which is very useful and helpful. Keep up the good effort.
  --Bala Krishna Adusumilli (Chennai, India)

I just started learning Cognos, Your website is very useful for beginners like me. It’s one of the most thorough and useful references for Cognos issues...Your work is greatly appreciated and I thank you for helping me to understand Cognos better.
  --Satyendra Singh (Bengaluru, India)

One of the best organized site available in the market with screen shots, example and hands on docs. Helps to solve real life problem quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the AcuteBI team for making life easier for Cognos developer.
  --Santanu Ghosal (Mumbai, India)

I looked at your website...looked like lot of thought went into designing user friendly and very well organized website.
  --Santosh KG (Bengaluru, India)

This forum is really helpful. Have lots of tips and tricks, which helped me with the work around.
  --Melbon Fernandes (Mumbai, India)

Your site is too good and you have done very nice job. Most of the information is very useful to all the users and Cognos TIPs are very informative to implement the real time scenarios, will expect you to keep positing additional tips in future.
  --Vidya Sagar Gajula (India)

Your site is really good. Will share this site with our guys also so that the knowledge can be shared. All the very best.
  --Narasimhan Parthasarathy (Country Manager, Ibexi Solutions, Singapore)