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OneTouchBI arouse with the strong and focused intention to enable confidence among each Cognos Developers for relying on the complicated solutions with the step-by-step proven testimonials from the expert team. In the fast emerging world, information that you are intended to use for the quicker implementation is not easy because of the complications like finding right keyword to use in the Google Search, solutions with no proven testimonials and unanswered questions etc., are really leading to create high dependency at the crisis time.

On this serious note, OneTouchBI has jumped into global internet platform with the working senior technical team on board to share their extensive knowledge on their day to day work and other miscellaneous knowledges that benefits millions of BI associates across the globe.

This platform is not just meant for one-sided communications. We encourage all the BI Associates across the globe to share their esteemed knowledge into our portal via this platform. Lets empower the knowledge together to the BI World. This is what we exactly mean OneTouchBI.

Let start contributing BI Knowledge.