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Report Server / Studio

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1 UDA-SQL-0564 [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server]Arithmetic overflow error for type intSaravanan Vajjiravel 2140
2 RSV-BBP-0022 The absolute affinity request asynchWait_Request failed, the requested session does not exist.Saravanan Vajjiravel 4170
3 DPR-ERR-2056 The Report Server is not respondingSaravanan Vajjiravel 5871
4 CCL-RCI-0002 while publishing a package, QE-DEF-0313 while opening the package in Report Studio. Saravanan Vajjiravel 1172
5 Unable to run Report Studio report: UDA-SOR-0001 Unable to allocate memory. Saravanan Vajjiravel 1574
6 Intermittent error when running reports: UDA-SOR-0001 Unable to allocate memory Saravanan Vajjiravel 1754
7 Error: '1' is Null or not an object. Runtime error occurs while running Excel reports from Cognos Viewer Saravanan Vajjiravel 1121